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Plushie Commission Progress:

:bulletred: = Fabric not received, not started
:bulletorange: = Fabric received, not started
:bulletyellow: = Embroidering/embroidery file being made/pieces being cut
:bulletgreen: = Pieces cut or working on one half
:bulletblue: = One half finished, working on other half
:bulletpurple: = Plush base finished, working on final details
:bulletpink: = Finished


1. :iconponyunicorn: - Princess Twivine Sparkle 18 inch plush purse - :bulletblue: - HALF PAID - *ON HOLD!*

2. :iconponyunicorn: - Rainbow-powered Twilight Sparkle 18 inch plush purse - :bulletorange: - HALF PAID - *ON HOLD!*

3. :iconponyunicorn: - Sunset Shimmer 18 inch plush purse - :bulletorange: - HALF PAID - *ON HOLD!*

4. :iconponyunicorn: - Hoity Toity 18 inch plush purse - :bulletorange: - HALF PAID - *ON HOLD!*

5. :iconcloudtailkin: - Plush of their oc - :bulletblue:

6. :iconcloudtailkin: - Plush of their Luxio oc - :bulletorange:

7 :iconnightyxx: - Plush of their Lucario oc -:bulletorange:

8. :iconnightyxx: - Bonnie Plush - :bulletorange:

9. :iconcar2in-bitz: - TRADE - Gray Wolf Plush - :bulletred:


deviation in storage by Ruby-Kicks


Nurse Redheart Plush Commission by Sparkz8D
Nurse Redheart Plush Commission
This plush was commissioned by :iconkrickis:

More views:…

((I really didn't want the background this picture was in, but I could not get any decent photos of her outside, so I'm really sorry ^^" ))

Nurse Redheart is approximately 10 inches tall, made of minky, and mostly machine-sewn. Her eyes and cutie mark are machine-embroidered, and her hat is made of fleece!

Plush Commissions and trades are currently closed, but I do have a waiting list if you are interested! If you would like a price quote, please message me with the character you want, the style/pose you want it in, and the size you want it.
Dog-tier Jade Cosplay by Sparkz8D
Dog-tier Jade Cosplay
This is a little late, but here's my cosplay from Chibi Pa Sampler! I was Jade Harley in her Dog-tier outfit!
The next con I'll be going to is Palmcon! ;D
Mini Big Mac Plushie Commission by Sparkz8D
Mini Big Mac Plushie Commission
This plush was commissioned by :iconlunaofmidnight: !

More views:…

Big Mac is about 8 inches tall from hoof to head, and 7 inches long from nose to butt! He is made of minky with embroidered eyes and an embroidered cutie mark!

Plush Commissions are currently CLOSED! I can still give out price quotes and put people on a waiting list though!
Lum Plush Commission by Sparkz8D
Lum Plush Commission
This plush was commissioned by :iconruby-kicks:

More views:…

Lum is approximately 11 inches tall, or 16 inches if you include the ears. He is made of minky with embroidered eyes! His legs were painted with fabric spray-paint!

Plush Commissions are currently closed, but I can still give people price quotes and put them on my waiting list! Normal sized plushies start at $60, while smaller ones start at $40!
Mlp Cosplays by Sparkz8D
Mlp Cosplays
My sister and I were dressed as Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie at Supercon, and we bumped into a Twilight Sparkle!! <3

Rainbow Dash - :iconlordboop:
Pinkie Pie - :iconsparkz8d: (me)
Twilight Sparkle - ??? (if anyone knows who she is, please let me know!)
All 5 slots (not including the plush purses that have to be on hold until I'm notified by the commissioner) have been filled up! I'm not sure when I'll be opening them again. I'll have to ask my on hold commissioner about some stuff to figure out when it would be safe to open commissions again! If you would still like a commission, I will still take price quotes and I will gladly put you on a waiting list for the next time I open commissions! :3


Sparkz8D's Profile Picture
Rachel Schilling
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Plush Commission Info:…

Hi! Most people call me Rachel, Glitty Kitty (Glitty), Sparkz, Werewoof, or other nicknames of the sort; I really have no preference, so call me whatever you want! uwu I guess I'll put some info about me here:

Name: Rachel Schilling
Age: 16
Birthday: January 30th
Western Zodiac: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Mbti type: ESFJ
Hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing, sewing, and cosplaying.

These are my buddies!!
:iconzeduskclaw: :iconghostkomochi:
(I don't have a lot of friends srry. plz b my friend ;0; )

In case anyone happens to be interested, this is a list of pretty much all of the shows/movies/comics/books/whatevers I like:

Homestuck, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Ever After High, Monster High, Animal Crossing, OFF, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa, Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Angel Beats, Okami, Hetalia, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Lackadaisy, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chi's Sweet Home, Nyanpire, Hamtaro, Pandora Hearts, K-on!, Warrior Cats, Anohana, Tokyo Ghoul, Barakamon, Chuunibyou, The Book of Life (<3 <3 <3) Sailor Moon, Free!, Clannad, Ichigo Mashimaro, pretty much any animated Disney movie, Strange Magic, Steven Universe, Show by Rock! ,Love Live, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Pretty Cure, Princess Jellyfish, and Nyan Koi.

Previous Cosplays:

Megacon 2012 - Applejack
Supercon 2012 - Pinkie Pie
Mizucon 2012 - Pabu
Chibi-pa 2012 - Nepeta Leijon
Animate!Miami 2013 - Pinkie Pie, Jane Crocker (clever disguise), and Jammer Lammy
Megacon 2013 - Screw Loose, Dog-tier Jade Harley, and Jammer Lammy
Metrocon 2013 - Hipster!Meulin Leijon, Trickster!Nepeta Leijon, and Jane Crocker (clever disguise)
Anime Festival Orlando 2013 - Pinkie Pie
Chibi-pa 2013 - Eren Jaeger
Animate!Miami 2014 - Eren Jaeger
Megacon 2014 - Pinkie Pie and Flareon
Supercon 2014 - Cupcakes Pinkie Pie, Queen Cordelia, Kyubey, and Kyoko Sakura
AFO 2014 - Kyoko Sakura and Kyubey
Animate!Miami 2014 - God-tier Jade Harley, Mio Akiyama (Don't say Lazy), and Kyoko Sakura
Holiday Matsuri 2014 - Christmas Kyoko Sakura
Megacon 2015 - Mio Akiyama (Don't Say Lazy), Honey Lemon, and Yui
Omni Expo 2015 - Kyoko Sakura, Armin Arlert, and Honey Lemon
Treasure Coast Comic Con 2015 - Flareon and Honey Lemon
Supercon 2015 - Kyoko Sakura and Pinkie Pie
Chibi Pa Sampler 2015 - Dog-tier Jade Harley

Upcoming Cosplays:
Palmcon 2015 - Kuranosuke Koibuchi (?) with my sister as Tsukimi (?)
Animate!Miami 2015 - Undecided, maybe Joy with an Inside Out group?
Chibi Pa 2015 - *I'll probably have a booth here!* undecided
Megacon 2016 - undecided

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I was wondering what the biggest size you would do for a pony plushy is (height, length, and width if possible. I know that might be asking a lot.)

PS I'm aware your commission is closed atm, I'm just checking.
Sparkz8D Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi there! The biggest I've ever made was about 18 inches tall, 16 inches long, and 5 inches wide. That's probably the biggest I would be willing to make at the moment!
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